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  Spent RM200 voucher
Actually, it's about the RM200 vouchers given by the government to all students. Yeah, it's most probably true that all the government want in return is our support for the upcoming election. But hey, I guess they targeted the wrong class of people. Although we are young students, we kinda have a mind, a brain, and we are aware of current and passed issues that have led us to lose hope in the leaders of our nation. False? No? Let's wait for election day.

Still, the real, true motive is unknown... So, I'll still say, thank you for the vouchers.

By the way, what I really want to say is actually "I didn't know what to buy with RM200." Even after being given that much money, I was left with only 1 month left to spend it and guess what, it was already in the middle of my semester. Whatever textbooks needed had already been bought. RM200 on stationary only?!? You kidding me? Plus, I'm not the type who reads occasionally, so what am I gonna use the RM200 on? Thank god my friend suggested hard disk and pen drives, which somehow gave me the idea to buy a song album! My very first album bought after 19 years of living.

I bought One Direction - Up all night! Love their songs. The more I hear the more addicted I become.

Something is weird about the photo though...

Eventually I bought two books for myself to read. The rest is for my dad and bro.

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