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We grow up so fast. Before I know it, I'm 19 already.

When I was a little girl, I still remember how much I longed to turn into a woman because I had so many things I wanted to do but just couldn't at that age. But now that I'm much older, you have no idea how much I'm willing to give just to return to those younger times. Life was much easier back then. Although my parents struggled financially when I was still a kid, I wasn't aware. To me, those were the days when the world was just my home and my school. No worries. What I often did was my homework, studying, running around knocking heads and tripping, and watching TV. Life was simple yet there's nothing more to ask for.

Hey but I'm not the only one growing. My parents grew too, not up, but older. Whenever I look back, I see myself smiling and running around in our garden. Although I didn't see at all, how much my parents suffered or how hard they worked, but now I'm aware of what I missed.

Now that my parents are doing better, they gave me a hotel bed, imported chocolates, great books written by successful people, a complete education and a bigger garden. My mum spends so much on buying Skin Food products, comfortable shoes and presentable clothes for me. My dad tells me all he knows about stocks, estates and businesses.

Even though I don't get branded stuffs, or the latest fashion, or the biggest houses, I still feel like I'm living the life of luxury. But fear not, I'll never let myself turn into a spoiled brat because I'll always remember my childhood days. So with all my might and everything else that I possessed, I'll make my mummy and daddy proud.

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