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  I am introvert?
I went shopping with mum hoping that I'll come back with at least a few bags of stuffs but instead, I came home with only a new shirt, a new watch and a new pair of slippers. Oh and they were all red... Red is just me. I'm not sure whether I really wanted to shop or just to step out of the house. I've been an indoor girl for too long. Apparently, I turned into an introvert but it's not that bad. I get more time alone and I also get to do 'quiet' activities like reading. Being an introvert is really not all that bad like what I thought.

My dad is worried and he wants me to go back to being an extrovert but the thing is, I don't know how to return to being an extrovert. I lost it, I lost myself last year and I don't know how to get myself back. I seem to be comfortable with who I am now. People change, I changed. It's alright, right?


Have you ever seen a person who's so beautiful that you stare at them for so long but not realize you're staring?  And when you realize it, you turn away, but you're so amazed that you have to turn back and stare again. Then, suddenly the world is so much brighter. 

I see a whole big field of purple lavenders. I also see a whole big green football field. Sometimes, I see an angel. Sometimes, I see the sun. When I see you, I see the things I like. Many times I'm just mesmerized at how someone like you exist, and somehow I saw you.  

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