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Life is really too unexpected especially at the moment when you least expect things. You see... So many things happened recently that I just don't know where to start. Good things, bad things, neutral things... I have no idea how to describe my passed week.

I finally started driving on my own. Someone blood-related to me passed away peacefully on Saturday night. I went back to eating more fiber and less carbs. I'm beginning to spend more time studying for finals. I went back to reading a book instead of listening to my iPod while waiting for the bus. Men suddenly seemed a lot hotter than before. The thought of my future suddenly became blur to me. The thought that I'm not earning any money scares me, although I'm aware that I'm still a student (weird...). My plans went awry. My hair is out of control. I think too much all the time.

That was my week. Queer, bliss and sad.


Oh yes people.
Mother's Day is coming. This year, my plan includes food. I was thinking of searching for some really fine and exclusive desserts for my mum 'and family'. Food hunting!

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