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  RIP dear cousin
My mom came from a big family. Her parents had ten kids. She's the second last and the youngest daughter. Two of my cousins live in America and the rest in KL. My sibling and I are the only ones whose house is in Melaka. Sad to say, all of us meet only at weddings, Chinese new year gatherings and funerals.

My late cousin's funeral just ended yesterday, with the presence and joy of us. I admit that I don't know much about this late cousin of mine. All I know is that he had been battling a type of muscle disease his whole life, and that at the age of 5, he knew roughly when he was going to die. Surprisingly, he lived longer than what the doctors expected and I would say that it was because of all the quality herbs and great food his mom got him to eat. I don't know him well, but from what I'd heard from people at the funeral, my late cousin was as cheerful as a two-year old baby, with nothing to worry about, cheerful at all times, learned life as things came his way, never became materialistic although he even had his own Volvo and a collection of Tintin toys. He told his maids that he wanted everyone to wear as nice as possible on his funeral. It takes a lot of strength and toughness to actually put a smile on your own face knowing that you will be leaving the world soon. He lived till he was 23.

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