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Yours truly just watched Gossip Girl's latest episode. I managed to squeeze whatever inspiration I can get out of the series because right now, that's my only source.

This week seems like it will be a tiring one for me, with disappointments waiting just around the corner. I feel like I'm suffocating. The one special feeling that I was so sure about suddenly became a doubt to me. The one and only assignment that I had so much passion and put so much effort in, betrayed me and gave me ordinary marks. What's more? I can't seem to focus on studying, especially in Financial Accounting. Worse, exams are in three weeks.

There are times when I find it so hard to breathe. So I pull out my iPod and listen to Taylor Swift's songs but the ache in my heart just won't go away. At least, now is only the middle of the week and I don't want to put too much worries on myself so let's just see where the wind and time take me.

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