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  leading people without your shoes?
I'm actually puzzled when I heard my dad said "Barefoot leadership". Whaddya mean? Barefoot and then leadership? Huh? Well, there's a story to the title. Pick the book and read.

I am blessed for all those opportunities that came rolling to me. One of them is a chance to attend a short talk by Alvin Ung, the guy who wrote the book - 'Barefoot Leadership'. It appears second in Google. He was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and a few other infamous but true Malaysian leaders. It was only a 2-hour talk but it was interactive, and I admit, it was an eye-opener for me. My dad insisted I attended the talk with him although I wasn't invited. Yes, I shamelessly went with an open mind. Being in a room that was filled with so many baby-boomers and so few of Gen Y, I not only learned something from the talk but I also gained an insight of what elder adults think.

The talk showed me what I'm capable of doing to give back to society even though I am only 19 because there's this 17-year-old girl who's tutoring Sarawak students just because it saddens her to think that those student are not receiving the right to proper education. Doing what she thinks is right at a young age is something I look up to. Most attendees were lawyers, doctors and some other managers working in firms or companies. Each of them had their own specialty and set of skill. I guess what Alvin wanted us to do was to use our very specialty or advantage to give back to society. Oh and his son was such an adorable little boy.

This is Alvin's book about leadership and management. Each guest was given one for free.

I plan to read the book but I'm currently busy preparing for an upcoming vacation. This packed-with-knowledge book will tell you the 13 leaders who inspired Alvin. Through his words during the talk, I came to rethink about whether Malaysia still has hope to be just a better place. Alvin believes Malaysia can be better and it has to start with the ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Ordinary people like us, of course. "Be humble", he stressed. "And do things for the good of others too." 

After the talk, there was lunch. Being the youngest person at my table, I listened to the adults talk. There was this lawyer, most probably in his late 50s, mentioning about how the young generation is so different in terms of values and principles. He mentioned that the young generation (gen y specifically) has no urgency, no discipline and no responsibility. Facebook is our life, we sleep late and we spend a lot of money. It was quite true though but not everyone of us is like that.

Okay, if you're a graduate and is looking for a job. Well, I have some tips from this lawyer. So here they are:
1. Don't expect high salary. Come on man, everyone gotta start small. You don't get to be successful overnight.
2. This is a really interesting example he mentioned. When you're in college, you go there to learn, and you gotta pay the fees. Now that you're working, do you know how to do the job? You gotta first learn from your senior colleagues, right? You paid for college to learn but you're not paying your employer to learn how to do your job. Instead, they are paying you. In conclusion, we shouldn't demand high salary :/
3. Don't be late for work. Sleep early. Cut down your time spent on facebook.

I hope these helped ;)

It's late now. Gotta sleep. Cheers to those who are happy. And please bless those who aren't.

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