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  My 3 favorite books
I'm not one who likes to read, especially books that are over-excessively thick. They scare me. It feels like you're walking along a never-ending road. And when you've finally finished the story, you kinda forgot what the beginning was about. I don't know about you, but for me, thick books are like that. However, I have an exception on certain books. After 19 years living on earth, there are three books that I truly, honestly love, and of course, I look up to their writers. Two of them are 'Seven habits of the highly effective teens' by Sean Covey, and 'Tuesdays with Morrie' by Mitch Albom. These books will worth your time. 

Having a mum as the school library teacher-in-charge is kind of an honor and awesomeness. One day, she brought home some books (for my sister actually, since she was the one who likes to read) and one of them were the 'Seven habits of the Highly Effective Teens' by Sean Covey. This book was thick enough to make me think "no way!" but its title caught my eye. I thought that the title was a bit unbelievable. And so I flipped through and started to read, and then I just couldn't stop reading till the end. At that time, I was about to move to adulthood, I read it right after high school life. Wrong timing? I'm not sure. Because you see, if I read it before high school life, it might seem like a preparation or guide to enter teenage life but there's a chance I might not have understood what Sean was trying to point out. But because I read it after high school, I became aware of my attitudes and actions, and followed the book guide to be a better teen (although I'm no longer a teen), or simply try to be a more useful human being. 

As for Tuesdays with Morrie, it just kind of open up the way I view life and people, and the way of dealing with time. This book wasn't that thick actually. I asked my mum to lend me this book from the library because I read someone's blog (someone I look up to) that complimented the content of the book, and she even read it a few times.

As for my third favorite book (not thick either), it's a recent one, the one I bought using my RM200 voucher. It's titled "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. Long story short, Randy has pancreatic cancer and is gonna die very soon. But he has really young kids and a life with great mentors. He wanted to leave a legacy and something that his kids can relate to themselves when they grow up and when Randy is gone. So he gave a talk, recorded a video, and wrote a book about life, relationships, love and teachings. I was scanning through the shelves and came across this book. Again, the title caught my attention. After reading the synopsis and scanning through a few pages, I bought it, read it, and was amazed by it.

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