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I know my previous post was lengthy, heehee. So here's a short one.

My mum is the practical, realistic and reasonable person in the family. But ever since we had returned from Australia, I find her being quite the opposite. She complained about the hot and humid Malaysia (come on, she had been living here since she was born). She procrastinates on doing some housework (she used to be so hardworking on this). She feels as if she needs to get out of the house or she'll go crazy (so we went grocery-shopping today).

But the thing is, I'm also like that. Haha. I miss Aus. My cousin and his friend just quit everything in Malaysia and went to live in Aus, in the hope of finding a job and eventually settle down there. Imagine their bravery.

Okay, that's all.

Tomorrow is a Saturday. And I 'might' be playing this board game, which I forgot what it's called. It's something about rat race, cashflows and what-else-I-shall-know-tomorrow.

Good night world. 

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