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  running man themed camp
Yours truly is back from the most tiring camp ever. After playing four station games and practically running here and there in all games, I can't feel my thighs. Seriously, I've never been so tired before. The last time I went to a camp was about a year ago. Anyway, this was a running man themed camp and took place over the weekend in Tropical Village, Johor, organized by the chinese orchestra society of melaka multimedia university.

We slept at 3am on both nights and woke up at 8.30am. Our meals consists of a huge portion of rice, a very small part of a chicken, and very little vege. And the games required us to run, run, and just keep running. The compound of our games (Tropical Village) was damn huge, with lots of stairs and steps, and it was going uphill.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed heehee ~

For someone like me who have never watched the running man show before, have no idea how to play the game (or war, because it was really like a war). But it was super fun. Although we spent almost all the time running and searching for people and cards, I still enjoyed the high adrenaline rush when we suddenly meet other groups! Haha, you gotta go watch the running man show yourself and you'll know what it's like. But my friend said, "Watching it is so different from playing the real game". She wanted to give up because we were too tired. But she didn't, and she was one of those who lasted till the end. Cheers!

By the way, I made new friends from this university :) The students there are awesomely friendly.

I have to take my aching legs to sleep now. Good night peeps :)

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