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  Watching scouts enjoy!
Great thanks to dear Wei hao for tricking me into going back to my high school for their scout night activity. I thought it was an invitation to go there to only see performances and dramas by junior scouts. So i asked my batch's ex-scouts to go. But it turned out that we (ex-scouts) had to be the judges, lol. 

We spent the whole night watching those little scout kids (as I call them, because they are still young and little and cute, haha, at least most of them still are) act and sing, and then giving them marks. One group even performed a circus act, which was really funny. In between performances, the scouts were asked to dance together. They did the Birdy dance and some other traditional scout dances. I forgot what they're called but I remember the moves of course! How can I forget. We used to enjoy so much by dancing in campfires. Those were the days... Omg I miss scouting.

By the way, have I told you I just love little children? I spent the whole night watching them dancing, acting and running around. It was a beautiful sight :)

It was worth the hours. I met so many freaking old friends heehee :) My batch's ex-scouts and senior ex-scouts, all of them still look the same though, haha. I got that wonderful twinkle type of feeling when I got to meet my high school friends last night. I miss you guys so much!

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