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Finally, I went out for a day with my parents after two freaking long weeks. What did we do?  Hmm... How do I put it? We went for breakfast which consisted of so much carbs. Then, we went to look at our new apartment (which was in not-so-good state). My dad had to hand me the job of testing keys and locks, checking the switches and windows, which of course should have belonged to the task of a much younger child. Since I was the youngest person there, the task became mine :/ After walking, standing and waiting for hours, we went for lunch which again consisted of so much carbs. Next, we went to a lighting shop and this is officially the first time I contributed ideas and comments in picking out lights and fans for our units. It felt good, I learned something :) Then, we went to Marche at The Curve for dinner! But of course, I ate salmon crepe (my favorite), which was carbs again... And I had that piece of cheesecake which was also carbs. Nonetheless, I love their food despite the fact that they are so highly priced when the serving is rather small.

Sadly, I gotta take in less calories tomorrow and my legs are so tired. But what can be greater than spending time with the two people who raised and taught you? Even if it was for a day.

This is the self-service salad at Marche. Doesn't look appetizing at all, I know. This is because my dad wanted to make sure he gets more than what he paid, so he tried to load the plate with as much veggie as possible. And this was what we had to eat. Haha. 

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