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Today, I fell on my butt and slid down three steps of stairs. Embarrassed, I turned back, hoping to see my friends so that I could just laugh it off with them... But they weren't behind, God knows where they disappeared to! So I just stood up and walked away while two strangers saw and squeaked "omg omg".


Then, I went back to class, told my friends and we laughed like crazees, until we burst tears and our stomachs cramped. Haven't laughed like that for so long :D

Also, this is the first time I had so many classes in one day, that I practically spent 9 hours in college. So I decided to go grab coffee from Gloria Jean's cafe, as a treat :)

A distorted heart, because I drank it before taking a photo of it :/

I ordered Gloria Jeans Irish Nut Creme, it had enough milk in it but the drink was somehow a little oily, could it be the oils from the nut syrup? Haha. The coffee taste was strong but aroma was not strong enough. For me, it was a little too sweet. Paid RM12.50 for a regular (medium). I would rate this 5/10 :/

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