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  Famous Amos ice cream + Padini sale
Yours truly had an awesome weekend. I spent my Saturday learning about how to partially furnish a new condominium with my family and my Sunday shopping with my dear friend.

After spending a Saturday in dusty rooms, I learned how to partially furnish a brand new condominium unit. Always get the advice of a lady who does housework or at least is familiar in doing housework because she will know these stuffs that normal people don't.

1. How big a kitchen sink must be. Unless you don't mind splashing water here and there when you're washing your wok.
2. How high your tap head should be. Or else you can't fit your big and tall pots into your kitchen sink.
3. The wardrobe should always be near the bathroom (if it's a master bedroom) and a mirror. 
4. What kind of tables, cabinets or sofas to buy. Because they are the ones cleaning the house, they just know. 

But if a guy knows these stuffs, he is purely awesome.

Also, I never knew buying lights could be so tiring and torturous. My parents and I spent 4 hours choosing lightings, then waiting for the staffs to check their stock, then giving them time to pack the lights and bulbs. Not all that we've chosen are in stock, so we had to re-choose and re-choose and re-choose, and the staffs kept running to their store room to check and check and check, and then running back to inform us. I actually pity the staff more than us. To treat ourselves for being so patient, we tried Famous Amos' ice cream at Amcorp Mall :)  

2 scoops for RM7.90, with a free cookie! It wasn't that sweet and not too oily, me love it and will definitely have it again!

Ok, now moving on to Sunday.

My friend and I had meatballs at Ikea again :D Then, we had a quick search for kitchen racks and pillow cases throughout Ikea.

Next, We. Went. Shopping.

Hmm... I actually didn't plan to but you see, there was..... a sale at Padini in Ikano.

If you love to shop, you know how tempting sales are :/

Although there was a sale, I bought only a pair of flats. But it still was a great day.

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