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I am in deep regrets right now. After back home from a day out, I rushed to bathe, more like mandi kerbau. And then when I was just about to step out of my room to go watch the Olympics Badminton, my dear housemate texted me saying that Lin Dan won and the game was over. 


I shouldn't have bathe! I should have just watch the game! I thought I could make it but I didn't know they were playing the last match already.


Anyway, ...

Lee Chong Wei didn't win champion, but so what? There can only be one champion. But seriously, second place in Olympics is something we should look up to as well. Think of all his hard work and determination. I salute LCW. 21-19! It was so close. This guy definitely improved. Hail LCW :) You know we still support you.

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