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I burnt my hands while roasting nuts. And I felt the most painful pain in my entire life. I'm the type who can't stand pain. I burnt three fingers and seriously, it's so much more painful than I expected. The first thing that went through my mind was "Who's gonna wash my clothes tomorrow?" Damn. I'm only grateful that I only burnt one hand. Anyway, when you're using the microwave and when you don't see any fire, do not forget that anything that comes out of the microwave is very, very, very hot! Yes, the dumbo me grabbed the glass plate that just came out of the microwave and ... :(

By the way, here's a little something to raise your spirits, hopefully.

When I read "The Last Lecture", the author mentioned about the 'brick wall' as a barrier between you and what you want. Whether you can break the wall or not depends on how badly you want something. On the opposite side of the author's brick wall was his wife. And he married her. 

Go after what you want in life, everything else will eventually go into place.

Cheers people!

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