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  Tony Roma's freaking tender beef
Pardon me because I've heard of Tony Roma's but I thought this restaurant was like in other country, but I didn't know Malaysia had this restaurant. In fact, there's quite a few in KL and I had no idea. For dinner just now, I tried Tony Roma's beef ribs, beef fillets, and their hawaiian salad and I love it! :D

The last time I had really good steak was when I was in Spanish Garden, Brisbane. But Tony Roma's beef is yummy! Tender and super tasty. But of course they are pricey, what do I say? Good food comes with a price. The branch at Sunway Pyramid had really friendly people but their services can be faster than they are now.

Beef fillet, one piece has cheese on it, one had peppercorn sauce and the other had bbq sauce. The one with cheese was the best.

Beef ribs and fillets. They were so freaking tender. One of the side dish was Ranch Style Beans, the sauce was nice!

And this is the salad, nothing special :/ 

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