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  back in the city, back to work
I am back in the city again! But only after only 2 days of holidays in my hometown :( Anyway, yours truly drove on the highway. The real big fast highway from melaka to kl. I drove over the speed limit, I am dangerous =.= Btw, I was instructed by my uncle from USA, according to him, I passed!

Then, my work life starts again. Oh please do come over to Coffee Bean (especially the tropicana mall branch heehee!), we have new drinks and cakes! Dark chocolate peppermint is really nice! Ask the barista to add dark cocoa powder, you have to pay an additional RM1 but trust me, it's nicer if you add the cocoa powder, I've tried it myself! However, if you're adventurous, you can try our Red Velvet drink. It tastes slightly like strawberry milk with an extra warm & cozy flavor and aroma.

At last, for my long-awaited dinner, my housemates and I fed ourselves with Ko Hyang korean food at One Utama. I love Bi Bim Bap! They use a special sauce which is just so tasty that it makes me forget about my weight :D But I hate korean chopsticks, it cannot be used! (I don't know how to use it!) No offence.

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