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  Chiang Mai trip + a little of Myanmar and Laos
Ok, here's the post about my family trip that ended 2 weeks ago, sorry for posting late!

There's so much to say but I can't tell everything because I don't have enough time to type a long post, forgive me, I have a job and assignment, and I have to study.

Ok, so our trip lasted for 4 days and 3 nights. On the first day, the moment we were picked up by our tour guide, we were brought to a temple to pray. And what I didn't know is that they are strict about what you wear in their temples. I was wearing sleeveless dress and so, I was told off by the temple staff, opps! Sorry! Then, we had "Chiang Mai Laksa" where I added some sugar into it because the tour guide added sugar into his bowl. But I can't feel if there's a difference in taste... Anyway, we then roamed the streets of Chinatown and hell, there were so many cheap stuffs! So we bought a lot. Actually, we brought an empty bag just to bring shopping stuffs back home hee~ Oh and the starbucks there is cheaper! At night, we went to another temple up the mountain. It's called Doi Suthep, you must go there at night and look at the night lights of the city from the top of the mountain. The view is just so breath taking!!!

Ok, second day! We went to an elephant show and patiently watched two elephants paint. I mean, really paint out a picture. wow! Then, we visited the snakes and monkeys and Long neck village. Honestly, I pity the long neck females. In the whole village, only 10% of females choose not to wear the rings. After leaving their poor village and moving to Chiang Mai, this is how they earn a living. Their new village is a tourist spot where curious people visit and usually ends up buying some souvenirs from them. This is how they earn money. Sad, because it's really hard moving around with those heavy rings and it kind of affect the structure of their lower backbones. Next stops were the handicraft and jewelry shops that don't need much explanation.

At last, the third day. First stop was the hot spring! Omg I have waited so long to visit a hot spring but never did I know, a hot spring is really so hot. They told us the water was at 40 degree celcius and asked us to dip our feet in but it was seriously too hot, we took around 20 minutes to put our feet in the water for 10 seconds, and then we have to pull our feet out or else I feel like I'm being scalded by hot water. There's a hot spring with temperature of 80 degree celcius, a lady uses it to boil quail eggs for us to eat LOL. After that, we visited the white temple, it was a magnificent piece of art! With lots of carving! Even the toilets is so golden and beautiful. They have a piece of carefully crafted metal for us to write our wishes. I wrote mine :) The temple people will then collect all metal pieces, melt them and use the metal to build a temple or something  Then, the road trip starts as we went up to the Golden triangle where Chiang Rai, Laos and Myanmar meets at the river border! To be honest, I didn't know this trip involved us entering Laos and Myanmar, I really didn't know. But there were some changes and we really did visited 3 countries in this trip! Btw, I bought "Thanaka" from Myanmar, it's said to be good for the skin and is a natural sunblock. But after applying it, it looks like clay on your face.

Oh and in all their meals, they serve lots of veggie which is so wonderful for me :D Their food is really nice!

So, this is all. I left out a few stuffs but they're unimportant. You have to go there and enjoy first-hand experience, you just have to.

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