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  Food from Australia!
I don't know what got into me, but I just lost the motivation to study. And I don't know why. Exam is in a few more days and I'm here typing down my thoughts.

Btw, my parents just came back from Australia and they bought a huge pile of food just to impress me ha! And to impress you, I uploaded a photo below!

I personally requested for lots of macadamia nuts! They are my favorite. They're the best nuts. Creamiest and crunchiest. 

My dad is a big fan of Cadbury but I can never understand. I think Lindt chocolates are so much nicer. 

And my mum brought back fresh cherries and apricots just for me. She knew I would love to try. And she bought a couple of dresses, a pair of platforms and handmade scented soaps!! Oh my goodness love you mum! 

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