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Yours truly just spent days trying to figure out the basics of HTML just to help out with improving my former high school library blog. But from the so little that I know, I could only make modifications on other people's layouts. Pathetic, I know. At least, I kept the creator's name on the blog page, so it's not really stealing. Then, finally after I'm done, I thought, why not do my own blog too? Hence, the new layout you are looking at right now. I hope you think that it's better than the previous.

Anyway, just yesterday, I baked a supposed-to-be super moist chocolate cake using Betty Crocker instant cake mix. I expected a really chocolatey, moist, fudgy cake with super sweet icing, but the end product was not sweet, not moist (but not the dry type where you can get choke by swallowing too much cake) and the chocolate taste wasn't strong enough. Chocolate lovers will be disappointed. But health thinkers will love it since it's not sweet and used sunflower oil instead of butter. Just to make it more delicious, I sliced the cake horizontally into half and spread cookies and icing in between. Now it looks like a gigantic chocolate cookie sandwich with cream in the middle :/

Speaking of health, I went for a sinful buffet dinner last night, where I had 4 scoops of ice cream, 3 fruit tarts, and so much meat. I think they all totaled to 1000 calories, which I will have no choice but to spend these few days burning off. There's this exercise called Body Combat I thought I should introduce. The workout takes around 45 mins, just follow the video. You will sweat a lot so just make sure you do it in an open room where there is good air-flow or else it will get really steamy. Good luck trying! I estimate the whole workout to burn at least 320 calories. You could burn more if you punch harder and kick faster.  


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